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Sausage Run

Sausage Run is a pretty fun and dynamic game. Help your sausage escape from kitchen, where it is going to meet different deathly obstacles at every turn!

As you could realize, the lead character of that app is a running sausage. It will meet multiple dangerous obstacles along its way. And your objective is to save its life by all means.

The rules are not difficult to learn; even a kid can master the game. Though there is a recommended age, the game is suitable for kids older than 12. For reaching the end of the game you have to complete different levels. Each of the levels contains its mission, which you will have to complete. For example, collecting stars, ruining the obstacles, surviving within a certain timeframe.

It’s very easy to play and make your sausage move. Tap the screen on the right and make the sausage jump; tap the screen on the left and it will bend. If your sausage meets an obstacle, it will die, while the chef’s knife will catch and kill it.

You can and you should pick up your bonus – the hot sauce.  The sausage will be full of energy, its speed will be increased and it will destroy all the obstacles along its way. The hot sauce is the only way to complete the levels where you have to destroy the obstacles.

Don’t forget to pick up the coins, they will unlock the skins. Enjoy different skins, such as a zombie sausage or a ninja sausage.