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Running sausage

A good-looking hot dog is waiting for you in a new mobile app Run, Sausage, Run! The destiny of your new favorite character totally depends on your skills in that game! So make your fingertips ready for a difficult and sometimes bloody run!

You can choose different skins for your character, from ninja or zombie to different presidents and politics! Try and see what your sausage is made of!

But be careful, while that crazy chef’s kitchen is full of surprises! Your hard way is endless! So practice more and more to be able to avoid deathly kitchen equipment! Make life of your character longer! You should be really careful, you can be smashed, sliced, burned, and even chopped during your adventure. Kitchen is not a place to walk, but to run and even sprint at times!

Oh yes, there are some things able to make life of your sausage easier and longer. These are coins you have to collect during your run. They will help you buy new skins, power-ups, and different interesting boosts. Try to survive and get to the next level! Don’t forget to use the free continue option for beating your own high scores!

Which of the skins is going to be your favorite in that bloody race?