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Run Sausage Run Tips

Even if you have never desired to find out, what the lifetime of a sausage looks like, playing Run Sausage Run will be fun for you! The gameplay is a sort of a cartoon nightmare. Anyone can experience firsthand what it’s like to be a small red sausage and escape from different kitchen obstacles trying to kill you or cut you into two parts.

Despite its similarity to a horror movie, the game is very fun to play and the rules are not difficult to learn. If reaching high scores with your sausage is your goal in that app, then follow some of the following tips to do it the soonest.

  1. Running is one of the most important things to do. The objective of the app, as you could understand from its title, is to run from the obstacles and avoid being killed by them. Sometimes your food will have to simply jog. Hold the screen if you wish to run faster. Watch the top of your screen for noticing the new obstacles. Remember, your aim is to escape from the obstacles and pick up coins on your way. Don’t forget the journey is dangerous.
  2. In the process of running and gaining momentum, the head of the sausage is wiggling. If you spring, the head will be flagged behind. This way you are able to avoid lots of obstacles. However, sprinting like that all the way long is dangerous. Once you stop, the head will be flicked forward, this helps picking up the coins. Watch out not to face an obstacle suddenly and not to die.
  3. Running forward hoping for the best would not be the right decision; you’ll have to slow down from time to time. Don’t run for long periods of time, make short bursts instead. That would be great for avoiding all the obstacles. Vertical obstacles enable you to run into when being in front of you.
  4. Watch your head. If you are in the area of major obstacles, the character will be killed. One of the worth is the rotating blade, and requires you to be prepared for meeting it well. It’s good to walk into it slowly and run the last second with your head back. It’s much easier to run through horizontal blades.
  5. Use the power-ups. The best decision when seeing a power-up would be to pick it. The shield is a helpful thing. The shrinking power also is useful when avoiding obstacles.