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Run Sausage Run Mod

The whole bunch of running adventures is waiting for you on your Android device! Try out a new Run Sausage Run app for Android devoted to a dangerous and thrilling life of a red sausage. The run is endless so you will never get bore beating your high scores and getting to the next levels.

Try and manage your small sausage to jog, spring, and attempt to survive in the chef’s kitchen full of sharp knives and guillotines waiting to smash, slice, and dice your skin. This type of the animated nightmare will not be easy to forget. Running though the buzz-saws and avoiding traps is a real thrill and unforgettable gaming experience. All the traps are deadly for the sausage, so you have to watch out.

Of course, running is not the most exciting experience. So you’ll have to pick up the coins which can be used for buying different power-ups and other skins. Buns of steel are one of the greatest effects to buy for coins.

Along the way you may try to collect coins which you may use to buy handy power-ups like buns of steel and many other cool effects.

Start your dangerous journey through the chef’s table right now!