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Run Sausage Run 2018

A popular games developer named Crazy Labs studio (TabTale) created a new amazing adventure called Run Sausage Run! A well-known hero with the name Tom is not the main character in that their game. It is the red sausage who is escaping from a crazy chef and trying to survive. How well can the sausage run? Want to play in the role of a sausage? That’s for sure one of the most unusual playing roles you have ever tried. A poor red guy is trying to avoid the craziest obstacles ever on the kitchen table.

The destiny of your hero is far from the destiny of other characters, while the destiny of a sausage is to become a part of a hot-dog inevitably. Your character is not the one who puts up with his fate though, he tries to escape from deathly knives and choppers, and you are here to help him do this. A kitchen is a pleasant place for anyone, but not for that small hero though. The things we use in everyday life are the killing machines in that kitchen! Here you will have to dodge such barriers, as knives, buzz-saws, and sharp blades. It’s not easy to do that for a small sausage. But still possible if you practice a bit and learn how to control its movements.

Picking up the coins and power-ups will help your character survive and open new opportunities! Get ready for a bloody run!