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Run Sausage Run 2

A running sausage, is there anything crazier in the gaming world? Definitely not! And anyone has a chance to try out the role of a small red sausage now in his mobile device. Could you ever imagine playing such a role? Well, even if not, now you can easily experience the life of a food with all its pros and cons. Run Sausage Run! is a cool, vivid, extreme, and fresh game Run Sausage Run 2.

It doesn’t require you to possess lots of skills to play it and escape from all the obstacles on the kitchen table. As it might be obvious from the title of the app, your task will be definitely running non-stop. However, from time to time you’ll face different problems. Why is the game an extreme one? Because here you have to watch each of the steps you make. You can be diced, sliced, smashed, etc. in the process of the game.

The game is visually very vivid and simplistic. This compensates all the “bloody” sides of it. Even the deathly blades look pretty gentle thanks to a playful animation. It’s not difficult to learn how to control the character. At first, the skin is moving slowly. In the process of movement different obstacles arise; here’s where you must tap your screen for letting your sausage to bend backwards and run faster. If you hold the tap, your character will bend and run. Depending on the obstacles, you will have to switch from regular mode to run and escape from the deathly items and go further. Sounds very easy, huh?

But running won’t be your only task in that game, you will have to pick the power-ups and get the coins. The coins will enable you to choose new skins, some of them are pretty interesting (especially politicians). In case you are not afraid of some bloody cartoon scenes, you could give it a try. The game is not recommended for kids under 12. The game is surely not negative, mostly very vivid, positive, and fun. However, it is mindless. The process of mastering it is pretty quick. You just have to feel your touch control, when to slow down and which moment it’s better to sprint.

Thus, you should run, as the name says, and avoid things which can kill any sausage in the kitchen.