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This time a small sausage has its adventure in a big kitchen. Your character is surrounded by different kitchen devices which are aimed to kill it. The life of that sausage is full of fear and danger.

Run Sausage Run! is a game devoted to a red sausage trying to survive by escaping from deathly knives, buzz-saws, gas burners, and other dangerous things. The torture devices remind the moving ones. However, the game is endless. The options of control over your sausage are very simple. A player just has to tap and hold on his screen to make a sausage run or slow down. The character can move only forward, so it’s very important to feel when would be the best moment for running faster or slowing down. If you don’t feel that balance, your sausage will meet an obstacle and simply die…

The controls at the game surely require you to get used to them. If a player is a risky one, he’ll make sure after several times of dying that it’s great to control how fast you run for passing an obstacle.

The skin of your sausage is up to you, the choice is wide and a ninja sausage, a zombie sausage, Trump sausage, or Vlad sausage are at your disposal. The game is fun to play along with its graphics, sounds, and animation.

In case you were ever interested whether the life of a sausage is interesting, you can find it out right now! It’s not that addicting as some other games, but it will surely bring you lots of fun.