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Characters Unblocked

Life of a sausage is so short! Discover  all characters whether your sausage can avoid all the traps and not to become a hot dog! Start your new journey with a new fairy-tale character! It’s time not to talk, but get the hell off that kitchen table! That crazy race is going to become a dream…or a nightmare of any small sausage (depends on how well you play).

Play in the role of an escaping sausage! Have you ever played in a role of food? It’s time to start now! Are you a white sausage or a black pudding? Are you made of pork or chocolate? Or maybe of cowboy or a plumber?

Your character has to come all the way of deathly traps and dangerous obstacles. It will have to avoid different traps and bend its body not to get sliced into pieces or smashed into a meat crumpet in that running game!

Various types of juicy sausages and funny hot-dog skins are waiting for you already, in order to make your adventure even more exciting.

Collect coins along your way to make your difficult sausage life sweeter. They will help you different cool boosts and steel buns!  You can also open new skins with the help of those star coins. Pay your attention to different power-ups along your way on the hell table. They will become your great helper in that game!

A crazy run from Crazy Labs and TabTale will not leave you bored for sure. However, if you are not sure to bear the bloody cartoons scenes, think twice before playing it. By the way, it’s not recommended for kids under 12.  If you are older, go ahead and try it. The top-quality content will make you excited and bring you unforgettable running experience!

Will your sausage manage to survive the hell run on the chef’s kitchen table?