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Run, Sausage, Run! APK is a fun game released for mobile platforms and offering you to imagine yourself in the role of a small sausage escaping from different obstacles on the kitchen table. Try to control the sausage attempting to save its short life. Direct your character and help it avoid deathly trap. Everything depends on the speed your fingertips in that fun game, whether your character becomes a part of a hot-dog or not. The sausage sprints forward bending its prolonged body. Try to choose the suitable moments for your character to move, so it would not be burned on fire, sliced with the sharp chef’s knife, smashed with the hammer, or got to other traps. Just give it a try and open new levels and get new interesting skins. What are the key features of the game?

  • Lots of funny characters
  • Very complicated levels
  • Deathly and dangerous traps and obstacles
  • Easy to navigate

That game is a very addictive creation from Crazy Labs. The app is free to install and play. You will meet some of the in-app purchases in the process of the game, however, it’s up to you whether to make a purchase or not. Do you think that running with a sausage is your only task? Of course, not, everything is not that easy. Don’t miss the power-ups along your way (some of them are very helpful). They will help you avoid traps. Pick up the star coins as well; they enable you to open new coolest skins. Here is a tip: watch the sausage’s head and be control the speed of its movements!