Run Sausage Run Game Online

Have you ever seen such a sausage? If you have nothing against torturing sausages, then you should give it a try! Nothing but fun is waiting for you in a free game from Crazy Labs for Android and iOS devices. Choose any imagine for your sausage, it can be either zombie, presidential, or ninja sausage even. You have surely never seen such ones! Feel really saucy with the help of your mobile device and a new Trunk Gaming edition.

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What is the main advantage of the game?

The main benefit of the Run Sausage, Run! is surely its price, the game is totally free to play! What can be better than a cool app to enjoy for free? Sure, like any other game that one contains the in-app purchases, which are up to you.


It is more than simple. Anyone can master it easily and within the shortest timeframes. All you have to do is to tap your screen, which will make your sausage walk. To control the speed of the sausage, you can choose to push and hold the screen, and your character runs faster. The G-force bends it backwards. And that feature is important. You might want to duck the terrible buzz-saw, so you’ll have to bend backwards. Or you might need to move slower for avoiding the meat mallet which may crush you. But avoiding the death obstacles isn’t your only task in that game, you have to collect the star coins on your way too. They are very helpful. They can be used for unlocking fun skins or casings, for example, the zombie sausage, one of the funniest ones! Not only stars can be grabbed along the way, but also different power-ups, such as snowflake, freezing the obstacles and a green arrow, shrinking the sausage down for avoiding being sliced into two parts. If these challenges are not enough for you, you can choose to do more objectives to reach instead of simply avoiding the flaw of dangerous obstacles.

The idea of the game is fun and comical, and the game is the same visually. The overall animation runs smoothly and maintains every detail. The movements of the sausage remind the movements of the classic rubbery characters in cartoons or Stimpy from The Ren & Stimpy Show. Like game visuals, the music is catchy as well. An eccentric sound is mixed with the cartoon musical atmosphere in that game. That theme sticks in the players’ brains for a long time, so be careful!

The app is pretty addictive, as any of such kind of games. Each walk will make you want to beat your own high score again and again. Want to see what happens if your sausage faces a gas burner or a saw? Then go ahead and give it a try. You will not only torture your pour sausage, but also have daily tasks or missions, for example, die twice as a zombie, or at a guillotine, etc. That makes the game very addictive and fun; you can share it with friends.

The game contains some bloody violence, though it is cartoony, it is still not recommended for people under 12 years. However, if you’re adult, you will be surprised how much you want to play that game, more than kids would probably. The kids have something more important to do, school tasks, for example. And you can take your time, relax to the fullest and blow off steam after a hard working day!